Hello there, my name is Victoria Valdez and I am currently 19 years old and living in Santa Rosa, CA. I am enrolled in Santa Rosa Junior College as a second year transfer student from Santa Barbara City College with a major in Communication studies and a minor in Retail Merchandising. By Spring 2019 I will be continuing my education at Sonoma State University where I will be completing my BA in Communication. I am very blessed to be on the path I am and couldn’t be more excited for my future endeavors.

From a young age I knew I loved to write and that it would be something that I would carry with me throughout my life, I just didn’t know exactly the extent to which I wanted to go with it quite yet. I recall times when I would write pages upon pages of little stories in journals I would keep. Reading those stories now I laugh at how naive they are and how filled they are with grammar errors. However, I know that all those little stories and all the ones I continue to write are only propelling me towards the type of writer I know I want to be.

I started this blog the summer before I moved to Santa Rosa at a point in my life where I felt vulnerable and unsure of my future, but knowing that writing has always been there for me I decided to dedicate myself to a blog where I could write about anything that I wanted to and would ultimately entertain others and myself. I am still trying to find my perfect beat, but I would say it’s a combination of lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty, travel, and stories that continue to shape my life.

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