The Yellow Dress

The color yellow and I have had quite the rocky past…I know what you are thinking…”how does a person have a problem with a color?” Well, let me explain. Ever since I was a young girl my mother always said the color yellow didn’t look good on her and her skin tone and being her daughter and associating much of who I was with who she was I figured, “If mom doesn’t like the color yellow, I don’t either.” However, here we are and it is 2018 and I am in love with the color yellow. It could be the yellow trend that is blowing up in the fashion community right now and my tendency to follow the trends, but I find myself buying more and more yellow clothing. After buying this yellow dress for a party I was nervous about how it would look on me considering the model in the picture had beautiful dark skin and I had always considered myself a pasty cream shade. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on for the first time and realized how amazing I looked and how good the color yellow looked on me! The lesson learned here is that it is important to realize that indeed some colors suit certain people better than others but when it comes down to it, colors are objective. Don’t limit yourself to only one part of the rainbow. I would encourage you to push your limits and try new colors, textures and styles and you may surprise yourself with how good you look in something you would have never thought you could pick out for yourself.

Dress: ASOS $50

Hat: Leith (Alpha Thrift Store) $3

Shoes: JCPenny $45



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