Sketching & Design

I want to start this thing saying I have never considered myself the best artist in the world, but I do enjoy drawing from time to time and think it’s an important part of any creative process. I started sketching when I was a freshman in high school and my first designs are full of flaws and mistakes, but I do think I have gotten better at forming some kind of aesthetic throughout the years. I have already finished an entire sketchbook and have gotten halfway through a new one. I find sketching not only a relaxing and enjoyable hobby but also a way for me to express myself when I am feeling a little artsy. Having a hobby that you can work on from time to time is something I find really special when it comes to forming character and is a good way to explore a lot of the imagination and true innovation that the American education system abandons when it is teaching our youth to take tests instead of creating a way to properly foster both their passions and learning capabilities. However, through finding ourselves in doing something we enjoy it is also imperative to take what people say with a grain of salt. They are going to hate on it and you, but just keep the main goal always in front of you knowing that your dreams mean more in the grand scheme of things than their doubtful words. Now I would like to share with you some evening gown designs I have sketched and that I am proud of not because I think they are perfect, but because they mean something to me and I enjoyed drawing them.

This is a mood board I did for one of my fashion studies courses, it was so much fun creating a mini collection of gowns inspired by nature.

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