Romwe Swimsuit Haul

Before I start my review of my new swimsuits, I want to have a little disclaimer here or more of just an educational part of this blog that I would like to share with you. So, I know a lot of people have problems with girls posting pictures of themselves in swimsuits on any social media outlet and there are always going to be those people that will call them “fat” or “whores.” Well, I just want to say that maybe if society didn’t decide to over sexualize women to the point where they can’t feel good in their own skin then maybe the problem isn’t that they are posting these pictures and certain people are getting offended, but rather how people are interpreting them and portraying women in this negative way. With that being said if you are offended by women in bikinis or are going to read this just to look at my pictures and be disgusting then I would kindly urge you to NOT READ MY BLOG. THANKS. And if youwant to come at me and tell me I need to take this down because it is inappropriate,” then I am sorry not sorry, but I will not because I stand with the women who are sick and tired of being sex objects and just want to feel good about themselves in an outfit or swimsuit that they like. I am 19 and am fully aware that once it is on the internet it is on there forever, but I am not embarrassed or ashamed of these pictures in anyway and THEY ARE JUST SWIMSUITS PEOPLE. However, if you are reading to learn more about this cool company and my good experience with their clothing then stick around!

I was suggested to check out this company by my amazing friend Lily and I had seen it advertised multiple times on websites, but had never bit the bullet and ordered clothes from them. When she suggested it they were having a sale and I got three bikinis %50 off! I know! I ordered all of them a size up because they do run small and when they came in they fit perfectly so if you are a small in regular clothing I would suggest getting a medium. Anyways, they did take a while to arrive, but they are worth it so don’t let the time scare you because I did wait about a week and a half for them to arrive which isn’t ideal with summer already being here, but still not bad. As for pricing, I got lucky as I mentioned, but their prices originally are good too considering the quality and how they correspond to current styles in today’s fashion industry. Overall, I am just so happy with them and how they fit and I am hoping I can help anyone out with swimsuit shopping looking for cute swimsuits for summer because let’s be honest, it is a daunting process. I am attaching a few pictures of myself in the swimsuits and once again if you didn’t already…. (READ DISCLAIMER ABOVE).


This blue bikini is so much brighter in person than it is in the pictures and I just love it for a fun day out at the lake. It’s got adjustable straps and a clasp in the back to ensure it doesn’t come off when you are going tubing and such.


My favorite swimsuit I got was this adorable pink and white striped bikini with a tie in front. I would wear this one tanning by the pool wearing a cute pair of sunglasses and kimono. I was a bit nervous getting this one because I just didn’t know if I would like it, but it is definitely my favorite of all the three and it sits high on the waist and is a bit cheeky in the back which I love.


This red number with palm leaf bottom is super cute and summer friendly. I love the functionality of this one with clasp in back and adjustable straps, another one I would definitely take to a lake day. The red is a lot less red than I thought it would be it borderlines pinkish, but is definitely a shade of red which is good. I love this one as well.

My experience with Romwe was a good one and I highly suggest their swim section to all of you looking for a cute swimsuit, and shout out to my best friend Lily for hooking a girl up with some bikinis you will definitely see me rocking this summer!


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    Hey! You wrote such an inspiring post! I will definitely try some of these 😍 and since you’re that awesome, I followed you!

    I blog over at

    Let’s keep in touch,


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