6 Outfits Inspired by Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

The sequel to the movie that brought ABBA to the big screen and captured the hearts of all fans of the first Mamma Mia did not disappoint and neither did its fashion that inspired the bohemian dancing queen in all of us. When I watched it for the first time with my friends I was not only blown away by the vocals and heartwarming story, but also by the costume design and I recall whispering to my friends throughout the movie “Those pants are to die for!” and “THAT SKIRT THOUGH!” If you know me, you know I always love a good maxi skirt and tied tee shirt. Bohemian style has captured my soul and I simply can’t get enough of young Donna’s style. I was determined to find all of her outfits after watching the film and I believe I have successfully compiled 6 outfits that are similar to the ones Lily James (young Donna) rocked in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. I tried to find budget friendly options so I am sorry if the prices are a bit high for some pieces, I just wanted all of the outfits to be as similar as possible to the ones in the movie.


Also, if you haven’t seen the movie there are some spoilers in here so please take that into consideration before reading.

Outfit #1


The outfit Lily James wears for the college graduation scene when she sings “When I Kissed The Teacher,” is absolutely perfect. She’s got her 70’s striped jumpsuit and gold platform boots and the whole thing is just so Donna and the Dynamos and I am living for it.

To bring that iconic style back into the 2000’s a little bit I found this adorable similar striped jumpsuit on Windsor.com for only $42.90. The platform boots I am sure you can find out there somewhere and rock those with that jumpsuit, but I found this more modern pair of gold booties on Amazon.com for $39.98. The butterfly necklace young Donna wears in every scene of the film was hard to find because of it’s large size, but I believe I found a good alternative also on Amazon.com for only $24.88.

Outfit #2


This outfit was in the trailer and that adorable blue hat most definitely caught my attention and I knew this movie was going to be ultimate traveling outfit goals and it didn’t disappoint. It definitely made all of my friends and I want to drop out of college and move to Paris leaving everything behind in order to re-discover ourselves and maybe find romance with a quirky guy that will sing Waterloo to us in a busy restaurant. Too specific?

It was quite difficult finding a poncho that color and have it be that cute, so I opted for this red slouchy sweater that gives the same effect at H&M for 24.99. The blue hat was must easier to find as it seems a lot of people have been trying to find one like the one Lily James wore in the trailer and I found the one pictured at Kohl’s for only $35.00. Young Donna’s pants were only shown on screen for a second but it is clear they are blue and striped so I found this fun pair at Lucky Brand for $47.99. The shoes are never shown on screen but I believe Donna would rock these awesome platform sandals I found on LuLu’s for $99.

Outfit #3 


The quirky jacket young Donna was wearing when she went on her date with Harry matched the theme to the fun dance scene to Waterloo and let me tell you, that jacket is as special as her and Harry’s relationship.

Let me tell you, finding a jacket even similar to the patterned beauty she wore in the film was near to impossible it is definitely a vintage piece. Nevertheless, I compiled two pretty good options that I believe young Donna would approve of. The first is a green army style jacket that is the similar shape and also goes along with the song which I thought was important. This unique piece I found on a site called Rosegal for only $31.01. The other alternative is more patterned if you are into that and isn’t the same style but it is the same length and has green embroidered accents which I thought was pretty cool. This beautiful jacket I found on Venus for $99.00 if you are willing to spend a bit more for the look. As for what she is wearing underneath it was again only shown for a split second but I found a pair of high-waisted denim shorts on ASOS for only $24.00. Of course she has to be wearing a shirt underneath, so I found this black crop top that I believe pairs well with the jacket and shorts and I found it on Romwe for only $6.59.

Outfit #4

This next outfit is definitely on of my favorites because it gives off that vibe that she is on the adventure of her life and ready for anything coming her way and those over-sized glasses are the perfect touch. I would definitely be wearing something like that if I was about to live the rest of my life on a beautiful Greecian island.

I found the cream cover-up on Venus.com for only $26.99 and it has the cold-shoulder style that young Donna rocks on her boat ride to the island with Bill. The denim bralette was he hardest piece to track down, but alas I found it on Amazon.com for only $14.96. I mentioned the shoes and shorts in outfit number 3 and the over-sized glasses I tracked down at Target for $14.99 and are pretty similar to the ones if not twins to the one in the film.

Outfit #5


Oh this scene made my heart swell, I mean she was living her best life cartwheeling in a grove of trees and THAT SKIRT! C’mon! This bohemian moment made all of us wish we were young Donna.

I know the skirt isn’t an exact color match, but it’s definitely the same style and gives that flowing goddess effect. I found the orange skirt on Etsy.com for $40.00 which is the price you have to pay to look like you don’t have a care in the world. The shirt on the other hand I found at GAP for only $8.97 and if you get a bigger size, tie it up in the front, and roll up the sleeves you got the look. The bag I thought was unique and even better than the one she has. The crocheted white bag I also found on Etsy.com for $25.00.

Outfit #6


The last outfit that is as Donna as it gets is this iconic overall outfit and you know I had to search for this masterpiece. It is so simple and comfortable looking I just might buy this outfit for myself with a more modern twist.

The slouchy overalls I found at H&M for $34.99 which is a bit pricey so if you can find some at your local thrift store or Crossroads that would be your best alternative. The off the shoulder crop top I found on Romwe.com for only $9.99 and is definitely something I think young Donna would find fits her style if she lived in this era.

Overall, I really enjoyed making this post as a bit of a tribute to one of my favorite films ever and I hope I made the outfits as affordable as possible. I know some items were pricey, but I highly encourage everyone to check out their local thrift stores. These outfits I made were specifically supposed to match the ones in the film but that’s the awesome thing about fashion is that you can be inspired by it and create your own looks based on other looks. Also, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was truly a good film for everyone who was a fan of the original Mamma Mia! So, if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it! If you do choose to buy these looks please send me pictures and tag me in them!

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    1. Thank you madre💕


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