Story Behind My Tagline

When I started my blog I was unaware I had to make a tagline that would encompass who I was, what I stood behind and where I was coming from in terms of my brand. I could have opted for a lovely little quote by someone famous that meant nothing to me or I could pick something catchy and witty that also meant nothing to me in the grand scheme of things. Happiness has always been the most important thing to me in my life, even if I felt like I was disappointing people or not living up to the standards other people had set for me, I was happy and for me that was and always will be enough. I had always heard the quote, “Be The Best Version of Yourself” and to an extent I agreed with it but another part of me thought what’s the point in being the best if you are not happy? Why put so much effort into being successful in something if you were going to ultimately be unhappy with who you had become?

So, I altered this common phrase to fit what I really believed in and that was to “Be The Happiest Version of Yourself.” I went back and forth so many times with so many other phrases and quotes but my mind always went back to this one and I figured it must be because I stood by this quote more than any other for reasons I could backup too. My tagline is to inspire people to live their life in a way that focuses on happiness instead of petty and material things that really don’t matter at all. Instead, I think it is most important to pay attention to the parts of life that bring you the most happiness including family, friends, love, and goals. Fostering those relationships and dreams are what are going to bring you the most joy at the end of the day. I really wanted to make my blog centered around this important phrase and promoting happiness and positivity. Even if I am writing about something a bit heavy I like to try and see the light at the end of the tunnel and keep in mind everything is going to work out exactly how it’s meant to be.

I can recall times early in my life where if someone asked me, “What is your aspiration in life?” I would like to respond with “to be happy” (like in the beginning of that one Beyoncé song “Pretty Hurts”) but that would actually be my answer because I could have said “to be a__,” or “to have a lot of money,” but at a young age I knew how important happiness was and I would do anything to obtain it. So, that is how I am going to continue living my life keeping happiness at the forefront of all my decisions and though I know some people will disagree with me, I know my values and being the happiest version of myself is one of them.

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