Reviewing The New Colourpop x Animal Crossing Collection

I was extremely excited when I heard that my favorite makeup brand, Colourpop, was collaborating with Animal Crossing, my all-time favorite video game. I saw a teaser video on Instagram and almost wrote it off for possibly being a scam until Colourpop formally announced the collaboration in the following days after that leaked video went viral. I quickly jotted down the online release date, January 28th, and waited and waited until the morning arrived. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one super excited about this collection, so I made sure to set my alarm extra early to make sure I got my chance at ordering the whole collection by 9 A.M. When I tell you, I was so nervous they were going to sell out in a matter of minutes, I did everything to make sure I was first on the list. With my debit card in hand and a healthy amount of time refreshing the Colourpop website, it was time. I quickly added the collection to my cart and was immediately directed to a queue page where I waited patiently while the little swirling circle of doom went round and round as I read, “You are in a queue! Do not refresh this page or you will lose your spot in line!”

Suddenly, I was in my cart and have never entered my information faster in my entire life until finally I was redirected to the order confirmation page. I had done it. It was coming! They set two release dates for this collection due to it being highly anticipated and I wasn’t going to wait until February 14th when it got released in Ulta stores everywhere, so this was a big accomplishment for me.

I checked for shipping updates regularly until it finally arrived and rushed to the post office and got it home. Upon opening the box everything was bubble wrapped, so I gently opened everything and laid it out nicely as I took it all in.

The entire collection features four eyeshadow quad palettes, two blushes, three lip duos, one super shock shadow, one glitter gel, and one adorable sticker set. I knew I wanted to do a blog post to review everything, so I made sure to unwrap them all very delicately to get a good look at everything.

I was super excited about the stickers! I didn’t see them in the promotions, but they were a nice little bonus to see when you bought the entire collection, you got a free sticker pack.

I don’t have any of these villagers on my island currently, besides Isabelle of course. However, I do remember Stitches, the bear, from playing Animal Crossing New Leaf years ago.

The first product I wanted to review was the eyeshadow quads, and the one I was most excited about was, “What A Hoot” featuring the adorable brother and sister duo Blathers and Celeste.

This is the front of the palette, super cute and has Celeste’s and Blather’s face as well as the fossil and star icons in the game because Blathers is the museum owner and Celeste is the cosmic expert.
I was a little sad because the shade, “Meteor Shower” had gotten a little messed up when I took the protective sheet off, but still, such a pretty neutral color story.

Upon opening, I was so happy to see that all the quads have little mirrors on the lid which is always a nice touch when it comes to eyeshadow palettes because it makes them more convenient for travel. I also appreciated their small sizes because they are the perfect compact for travel.

All of the colors are super pigmented and true to what is shown in the pans, so I didn’t do any color swatches on my hand for that purpose, but they are all beautiful on the skin and super blendable which is true for most Colourpop eyeshadows. The only thing is that they are pretty prone to fall out due to the high amount of pigment, but I don’t have a huge problem with that when I am doing my makeup because I would rather have pigment and a little fall out than no pigment and no fallout. This quad palette is the one I reach for most when I’m doing my makeup because it’s so easy to create a nice neutral look with them with a hint of glam.

Up next was the one I was second most excited for, Isabelle’s pretty pink palette of course!

This the front of Isabelle’s, “5 Star Island” quad palette which is just adorable as Isabelle is in the game. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I have a 5 star island that I worked really hard on all thanks to Isabelle’s tips.

Every shade in this palette is stunning, and I don’t usually go outside of my neutral shade range, but when I do I go for pinks and this is just so perfect. The picture of the shade, “Isabelle” comes off really yellow in this picture but it’s more of a highlighting shade with a yellow sheen. I attempted to do a simple Valentine’s Day look with all of these colors and was going for a soft glam, but when I dipped into the shade, “Island Tune” I was completely overwhelmed with how pigmented the pink is. Then I added, “Island Designer” on top and wow, yeah it is very glittery, but in every good sense of the word. I felt like a disco ball was on my eyelid and I didn’t hate it one bit. Absolutely stunning color combinations you can make with this quad.

Then it was time to open the “Labelle Of The Ball” quad featuring the adorable fashionistas Labelle and her sisters Mable and Sable.

This is the front of Labelle’s, “Labelle Of The Ball” quad palette featuring sisters Labelle, Sable and Mabel. This palette is such a beautiful purple tone as that is Labelle’s signature color in the game.

I don’t usually go for a purple look, but after having all of these color choices to choose from, it’s definitely pushing me to try more colorful eye looks. These shades of purple are absolutely stunning and are definitely pigmented. I love how each quad palette has its own individual color story featuring the shade names that correspond to each of the individual characters and what they do in the game. Mabel and Sable run the Able Sisters store and sell clothes made “lovingly by the claw.” Labelle stops by the island every once and a while to get inspiration for her fashion designs. You help her by modeling whatever aesthetic she is looking for and she awards you with tailor tickets that can be used to purchase items for free at the Able Sisters store. I absolutely adore these characters in the game and I make sure to talk to Sable every day because she is shy at the beginning of the game but every time that you talk to her she grows more and more comfortable with you and awards you with special patterns to use to custom designs. I love how they incorporated all of these little phrases used in the game as names for the shades.

I then opened up the “Nook, Inc.” quad which has the very first characters you meet when you start the game. Tom Nook and pupils Timmy and Tommy. I had to look up to see if they are related at all, but turns out that they are not! Apparently, at some point in the game, Tom Nook explains he sees them more as his apprentices and he as their mentor. I always thought he was their father so this was news to me.

Anyways, this palette is such a cute mint green color story that could be a dupe for some shades in The Grinch x Kylie collection and even the Elf Mint Melt Collection. Each shade is so beautiful and this is another one that I will need to experiment with more since I don’t have much experience with colorful eye looks, but even if I don’t use it as much it’s just pretty to look at.

All of these palettes together give me so much joy and I am so excited to experiment with them in the future for some fun and different makeup looks.

Up next, I tried the blush palettes. I wasn’t sure at first about these because at first, I thought they were matte which I prefer in a blush, but they do have tiny glitter flakes which is something to take into consideration if you aren’t into that. However, they aren’t super grainy feeling on the skin and give a nice little glow. What is also nice about these blushes is that they don’t rub off your foundation base underneath. They are super light and both shades are super flattering. A little bit goes a long way with these because they are highly pigmented, so just something to keep in mind.

I love the packaging of these blushes and I adore how they are based on flowers from the game.

The shade “Flower Power” is super flattering on fair skin and gives a nice soft pink glow to the skin. Absolutely love how the cosmo flower from the game is imprinted into the blush. What I thought was cool about this blush, in particular, was because the pink cosmo is a hybrid flower that you can actually breed in the game by planting red and white cosmos next to each other. As you could probably tell from the screenshot of my animal crossing character, I love pink in this game and have loved breeding all kinds of pink flowers and have them spread out all over my island.

The shade “Flower Tender” is my personal favorite of the two. This summery peachy shade is super flattering as well and looks like you have been kissed by the sun. It suits almost any makeup look you create and I just love it and will definitely be using this one the most in the future. (Sorry “Flower Power”)

Then it was time to try the Super Shock Shadow. Unfortunately, this one got messed up during shipping or something and came to me all smashed, but I do think the shade is beautiful.

Here is a picture of right after I unboxed it from its packaging.
Here is a better picture of what it looked like when I opened it up. It is what it is and when you are shipping any makeup there is a chance something could happen during the shipping process, so I completely understand.

The super shock shadow shade is “Balloon Pop” which is so cute because it came in a little present box just like the ones that fly through the sky on balloons in the game. Anytime while playing, I keep my ears and eyes peeled for the sound of a balloon floating through the sky. All you need to do is grab your handy dandy slingshot and pop the balloon so that the present drops right in front of you. Inside these presents could be bells, clothes, furniture, materials, etc. So you never know what you are going to get. I love how they incorporated that into this collection.

Then it was time to try the glitter gel in the shade, “Bellionaire” I just thought this was a genius idea. If you don’t play the game, bells are what money is called in the game and you can obtain them by selling goods to Timmy and Tommy at the Nook Store.

This is what the product looked like right out of the packaging and I absolutely love the little glitter lid with the star logo from the bells printed on top.
This is what the glitter gel looks like right after opening it. It looks like glitter heaven. If you are looking for the ultimate golden look, then you have found it.

I would use this glitter gel for a nice coppery makeup look right on top of the shade “Meteor Shower” from the What A Hoot palette. That shade is already super glittery and this would just look stunning on top.

Right after that, I dug straight into the part of the collection which I do have to admit I was the most excited for, the lip duos. These feature all of the fruits that could be featured in the game.

The first lip duo I tried was “Fruit Roots” featuring the shades, “Peach Surprise” and “Orange Cutie” and what I love about this collection is the attention to detail. I love how the fruits are printed on the caps and how the packaging has pictures of the trees and the corresponding fruit growing from them.

I wasn’t sure about the crayon style packaging and my worries were confirmed when I noticed that after taking the cap off the first time, I noticed that the cap didn’t fit properly back on. This isn’t a big deal, but it was kind of annoying and something to keep in mind, so if you like to keep your lipsticks in your purse, you might not want to put these in there because they are highly likely to get uncapped and you will have lipstick all over the inside of your purse. Also, something to note, is that is very easy for the sides of the lip tint to stick to the cap when you are putting it back on, so if you slightly bump it, it will get all inside the cap and you can see it from the outside of the cap because the cap is that clear kind of plastic. Besides those minor inconveniences, the formula is super comfortable on the lips. I would say they are somewhere between lipstick and chapstick, so super lightweight, but also super pigmented. Something that pleasantly surprised me about these lip duos was that they are all scented to their individual fruit and I just thought that was such a nice touch. This duo, in particular, is my favorite I do have to say because the peach shade is such a perfect true peachy nude and the orange is cute for a soft summer look.

I proceeded to open up the next lip duo, “Fruit Basket” featuring the shades, “Cherry Cherry” and “Juicy Apple” and I was super excited to try these colors on because usually pinks and reds are super flattering on any skin tone and I was excited how these would compare to others I have.

Now, when I tell you this cherry lip tint is strong, I mean I could smell it right when I opened up the box. It is definitely stronger than any of the other fruit scents and I don’t know if that’s because it is paired with the apple scent and those just enhance each other’s scent, but damn, you can tell which one is cherry flavored. Both are super flattering and perfect for a nice bold lip without the commitment of maintaining a matte lipstick all day.

The last lip duo I tried was the “Pick Of The Bunch” and I was just so happy they included all the fruits in this collection instead of featuring only a few with a couple of lip tints, but no they really went all in and I love that.

Now as you will notice, you can see what I am talking about with the lip tint sticking to the side of the cap from the outside in this picture and this was slightly concerning because at this point I had literally just unwrapped this package from the bubble wrap and not even opened up the cardboard packaging. So, again, just something to note.

These are the beautiful brown shades based on the pears and coconuts in the game. The shade “Coconut Juice” is a really nice deep brown/burgundy for a nice vampy look, meanwhile the shade, “Incom-pear-able” really is the perfect nude brown shade. I love how they had so many lip shades for everyone and paired them with similar shades depending on which ones you typically wear the most.

These are the only swatches I did for the whole collection because I find that lipsticks tend to look a little different depending on your lip and skin undertones. Well if you couldn’t tell I am extremely fair-skinned which and this is what the shades look like next to my skin tone.

And that is the whole Animal Crossing x Colourpop collection! There are some highs and lows in this collection, but overall I loved the attention to detail and just how fun this collection is. Everything is super pigmented and you can create so many colorful looks. It exceeded my expectations and I really just love how Colourpop always keeps the fans in mind when they are creating collaboration products because that’s what we want. We just want a little something from the game that we can look at in the real world. I hope everyone enjoyed this little review and if you have the game and want to visit my island, don’t be afraid to message me so that I can give you my island code! I have pears and oranges and would love to visit anyone’s island with preferably cherry or peach fruit, but I am really open to visiting anyone’s island because it is so fun to see how everyone has decorated their island to their own individual aesthetics. The collection is currently available at Ulta while supplies last and Colourpop did a restock on February 18th as well and has the whole collection available on their website.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all enjoy the loveliest of lovely days, well then Victoria signing off!


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