Favorite Thrifting Finds

Today I’ll be going through a few of my favorite thrift finds I have collected over the years. As I have discussed in previous blogs, thrifting is so vital in the fight against fast fashion which is destroying the planet. Big name brands like Forever 21, Shein, and Zaful are all to blame for huge toxic waste being deposited in our oceans. While the process of creating fast fashion is terrible, equally terrible is how it is marketed and sold to the masses. Often times these companies totally disregard health and labor safety for workers which is why it is so important not to support companies who mistreat their workers for unfair wages. As enticing as their clothing is, their quality and materials are often cheap and don’t last nearly as long as sustainable brands. In this video, I will be showing you a few examples of some thrift finds that I will have for years to come, and I found them all while thrifting! There are so many ways to thrift now, you can go to stores, and my favorites locally to visit are Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the American Cancer Society: Discovery Shop. Additionally, you can thrift on Instagram by following thrift accounts, and even on thrifting apps like Poshmark and ThredUp. There are so many ways to do it now and it is so much fun. I truthfully have more fun shopping at thrift stores because you never know what you are going to find and the excitement of potentially finding something unique is so thrilling to me. You simply don’t get that excitement at a big-name brand store. Watch the video below for the treasures I have found over the years!

I apologize in advance for the video quality, I don’t have an amazing video camera yet so I used my trusty iPhone camera which distorted the image, but hopefully, I can upgrade in the future so my video content can improve.

Footloose T-Shirt Instagram: clarissaz.closet https://www.instagram.com/clarissaz.c…

Other Instagram thrifting accounts I follow and have gotten clothes from:
shop.cl.closet https://www.instagram.com/shop.cl.clo…
valalexicloset https://www.instagram.com/valalexiclo…
a.c_stuffzz https://www.instagram.com/a.c_stuffzz…
heavensthrifts https://www.instagram.com/heavensthri…

Instagram: victoriasierravaldez
Poshmark: vsvaldez1

3 responses to “Favorite Thrifting Finds”

  1. Love, love, love your personal video…definitely would like to see more of those.

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  2. Leticia Garza Avatar
    Leticia Garza

    Nice job! Hey, I want that Journey tshirt! What a great find!

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