Dear Government,

I could cover many things in this little letter, but there are some key topics I need to address that are to the point and unapologetically honest. First of all, why do you make trying to create a functional, stable and happy home so impossible to obtain? The housing market is bare for all of us hardworking 20 somethings trying to pursue a career in something that will make us better working class citizens for you. Also, why is price gouging legal and why is your solution offering incentives to cities and towns to build more housing, but make those … Continue reading Dear Government,

Working Retail: A Christmas Story

‘Tis the season for spending quality time with family, baking Christmas cookies, watching The Christmas Story TV special on loop and of course all of the shopping. Families pack into malls and other brick and mortar shops to search for that perfect something for their loved one as anticipation and a hint of anxiety hangs in the air. Shelves of hot items are bought up quickly to be replaced with the newer inventory at a later date. It is during this wonderfully festive time that one hardly thinks to themselves, “Huh, someone has to straighten up this display, I should pick … Continue reading Working Retail: A Christmas Story